Supporters and partners


Partners and Collaborators:

  1. AIDRom – The Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania, Bucharest
  2. National Angency Against Trafficking in Persons
  3. Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit, Germany
  4. Diakonisches Werk Bremen, Germany
  5. Police Inspectorate of Bihor County, Analysis and Crime Prevention Compartment
  6. Brigade to Combat Organized Crime Oradea, service to Combat Human Trafficking
  7. General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection, Bihor County
  8. County Agency for Labor Force – Bihor
  9. Women’s Union from Bihor
  10. People to People Foundation, Oradea
  11. School Inspectorate from Bihor county
  12. Partium Univeristy from Oradea
  13. Social Community Administration (ASCO), Oradea
  14. Diaconal network of the Church District (see Diaconal Network)