1.  “An informed person is a protected one” – Promoting best practices in prevention activities against trafficking for forced labor through a European network. HOME/2010/ISEC/AG/THB-009 With the financial support from the Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime of the European Union, European Commission – Directorate General Home Affairs.
Period of implementation: 07 June 2011 – 06 June 2013
The project was implemented by the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania - AIDRom, an ecumenical organization of five Churches, representative at both confessional and ethnical level in Romania, in partnership with three other organizations:
- Foundation  "Lampas", Oradea, Romania
- Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit Landesverein Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany
- Diakonisches Werk Bremen, Germany.

The project combated trafficking in human beings for labor exploitation, one of the most dramatic human rights violations and one of the most lucrative criminal activities of our days.
The problem of trafficking for sexual exploitation has been recognized for some years: law enforcement measures as well as initiatives to reach out to and identify victims as well as granting them social support and access to the justice system (penal and civil) have been developed.

The activities took place in the 24 months implementation period in the 4 cities where the counselling centers are located (Iasi, Oradea, Stuttgart, Bremen) and in the headquarters of the applicant (Bucharest).

General Objective:
The general objective of the project is combating trafficking for labor exploitation through the establishment of an EU interdisciplinary public-civil society network and elaboration of multilingual booklet promoting best practice in prevention, identification and assisting victims of trafficking for labor exploitation.

Specific objectives: awareness raising among workers/employers regarding the status of the employee and the risk of illegal work; counseling of potential victims in sectors prone to exploitation; elaboration of information brochure for employers/recruitment agencies aimed at preventing and dealing with trafficked persons in sectors like agriculture/construction/ domestic work; strengthening of 4 counseling centers for information on labour migration and prevention activities against the danger of trafficking for labor exploitation; elaboration of multilingual booklet promoting best practice in prevention, identification and assisting victims of trafficking for labor exploitation.



  • Research – country profiles on implementation of legislation and existing support capacity for victims of trafficking for labour exploitation; statistical data on victims of trafficking  for labour exploitation, methods of identifying victims of trafficking for forced labor, identification  of needs of victims, all in the context of the two countries: Romania and Germany;
  • National workshop – development of a common national methodology in approaching potential clients;
  • Awareness raising campaign among graduating students from high schools and vocational schools - 537 students informed: in Bremen 130, in Iasi 128, in Stuttgart 134, in Oradea 145;
  • Training persons with multiplier effect (teachers, school social workers, school psychologist) from all 4 communities where the counselling centers are situated in order to train trainers for further distribution of information;
  • Counselling potential victims in countries of origin (Romania) and destination countries (Germany).  411 persons counselled: 264 in Romania and 147 in Germany;
  • Look and learn workshops for exchange of experience and shared development  in  the fight against human trafficking, attended by 61 participants: representatives of the Churches of trade unions, NGOs and public institutions in both countries (Romania and Germany). The four counseling centers involved in the project were visited : Oradea and Iasi  in Romania, Bremen and Stuttgart in Germany.

2 round tables were organized:  in Iasi with 25 participants and in Bremen with 21 (each including 7 project team members);

  • Organizing a conference in the European Day against Trafficking in 

     Persons aiming to inform stakeholders about the progress of the project, to  
     increase the degree of awareness and to strengthen networking. 80 specialists
     and opinion leaders attended the conference;

  • Developing and launching multilingual guide (Romanian, English, German) on best practice models in prevention, identification and assisting victims of trafficking for forced labour according to the experience of counselling centres;

The booklet contains information about:
- human trafficking and legislation in Germany and Romania,
- legal backgrounds concerning employment in Germany,
- indications for labour exploitation and guidelines for counsellors;

  • Hearing on the impact and transferability of the Know-how on EU-country members – public dissemination of project results. Attended by local and international opinion leaders, activists, organisations' representitives (NGOs, trade union, police, judiciary, church, school, recruitment agency, employers, politicitians), mass-media from Romania  and Germany informed on the impact and transferability of Know-how on EU country members.

The project established a mechanism of cooperation between different actors: churches, trade unions, NGOs, public institutions. Thus, it was innovative in its partnership approach of bringing church, trade union and state actors together.


2. OPEN for young women
OPENan international programme of prevention, counselling services and chaperonage

  • Information and protection against labour exploitation and human trafficking
  • Information and support related to international programmes  (volunteering 

            programme, au pair, etc.)

  • Accompany and advise during the stay in Germany, even in crisis and 

            emergency situations

  • Networking of Eastern European and German vij-counselling centers
  • Chaperonage in returning to the country of origin


Period of implementation:
June 2011 –  May 2013
June 2013 – May 2014

            The Project
The Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit (VIJ) in co-operation with the Bündnis gegen Menschenhandel und Zwangsprostitution Baden Württemberg (Alliance against human trafficking and sexual exploitation Baden Württemberg) has established an international programme of counselling services and chaperonage addressing young women from Eastern Europe.
Our project has been named “OPEN for young women”. OPEN stands for Orientation, Perspectives and European Network and meanwhile for an open Europe, where young women can move freely and safely.
The projects is based on a network of counseling centers in Ukraine, Romania, Russia and Germany. In these centers, young women aged between 18 and 30 years are counseled and chaperoned competently before they migrate, while they are staying in Germany and when returning to their country of origin. They shall be able to cope with the migration from their country of origin to the destination country and back without fear and in safety.
We focus on Ukraine and Romania as countries of origin. By establishing an international network of counseling centers, vij intends to install an international chain of security for women willing to migrate. Our project aims to intensively counsel young women before, during and after migration, to chaperone them during the whole time and to mediate offers of qualification, so that they can improve their future perspective in their countries of origin.

Project goals
The project intends to make a contribution to prevent human trafficking and sexual as well as labour exploitation of women from Eastern Europe and to limit it. This goal shall be reached as follows:

  • Prevention of trafficking in women and labour exploitation already in the countries of    

     origin through counseling personally and through awareness raising activities via  
     internet, visits of schools, universities and youth groups.

  • Establishment of new and expansion of existing counseling centers in the named eastern European countries
  • Chaperonage and support of young female migrants during their stay in Germany (educational  training, leisure activities, support in crisis or emergency situations)
  • Support in developing future perspectives (return to countries of origin) through counseling services
  • Networking of the counseling centers in eastern Europe with those in Germany
  • Informing about internship-, volunteering- and au pair positions
  • Exchange of expertise between counselors in East and West
  • Networking of young women that returned to their countries and those who are at the moment staying in Germany
  • Training of counselors in East and West.

Further Informations
Project Management: Verein für internationale Jugendarbeit
vij - Bundesverein e.V.
Urbanstraße 44, 70182 Stuttgart

vij - Landesverein Bayern e.V.
Glockenhofstr. 14, 90478 Nürnberg

vij - Landesverein Württemberg e.V.
Moserstr. 10, 70182 Stuttgart

Co-operation partners:

  • Baden Württemberg Alliance against Human Trafficking and Forced Prostitution, Stuttgart
  • „Stop dem Frauenhandel” („Stop trafficking in women”) an ecumenical org.– Jadwiga Counseling Centre München
  • Lampas Foundation, Oradea, Romania
  • German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine (DELKU), Odessa, Ukraine
  • Cultural and educational center  „Nürnberger House ”, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Contact persons:
Ottilia Vura (project coordinator Romania)
Foundation “Lampas”
Calea Clujului No.63, 410053 Oradea
Tel. +40 764 043 989


Alexandra Huber (project coordinator Germany)
Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit Moserstraße 10, 70182 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 (0)157-36124407