Diaconal Network


Diaconal Network

In our Church District every foundation’s activity was emerged irrespectively, independently from the Church District, in the last 20 years. These foundations are caught under umbrella by the Lampas Foundation.
The Diaconal Lampas Foundation's services include the facilitation and encouragement of our foundations' and congregations’ operation, by purchasing and forwarding the up to date information, on Church District's and Diocese forums and publications.


  • Common and effective representation of our interests
  • More effective lobby work
  • Organizing  professional meetings
  • Reciprocal support


Our foundations and diaconal initiatives are carrying out their charitable activities in the following areas:

  • Homecare for the elderly
  • Retirement Home
  • Children's home, Social campus
  • Caring for persons with disabilities
  • Social kitchen
  • Elderly daycare centre
  • Medical  and social care centre

I. Home-care for elderly
1. Agnulli Dei Association – Social Center, Oradea

AD epulet udvar
The main objective of the Association Dei Agnulli is to help seniors, in their daily needs, which they cannot fulfil alone, offering them by these services the possibility of  a complete and more satisfying life.  We want to help them to solve their problems, and preventing  them to depend on others; in order to protect the elderly, we want to provide support, in the retention and development of personal skills, to overcame the social difficulties, to offer spiritual aid, and by all this, to strengthen the society's social sense of responsibility.

  • we sell about 60 breads at a day,  at half price, for needy persons-with Dutch help
  • 25 needy families, who are belonging to the church receive 10 € worth food packages at a month- with Dutch help
  • we can ensure daily lunch for 20 people
  • we help out for free old and needy persons belonging to the church. Our social worker is visting them, and helps by their need: cleaning, washing, shopping, cooking, offering spiritual care, at the respective families
  • children and youth activities and occasions, on which we welcome donations: games, workbooks, pencils, books etc.
  • our Church's christian youth band, the Heaven Satellyte, regulary goes into the surrounding churches and events. They need instruments to a better serving

Social activities
We are supporting for free the church members, who are in need of help. We have some paying clients too, and we try to cover the income of the social workers with this sum, which, considering the economic situation, it's very difficult.
The bread distribution has a great success, many people are glad to buy bread at the half price, especially pensioners and large families come to buy.
The Hulp Ooast Europe organization helps us in bread and food packages dividing program.

kenyér félaron


2. Csillagváros Foundation, Oradea -  Homecare for elderly




adv.ifj.kar 121.jpg
Vinczéné Pálfi Judit  pastor, pastoral counselor
Vincze Zoltán  pastor, pastoral counselor
Kertész Ottilia  social worker, Religion teacher
Dr. Gyenes Kristófi Cecilia, family doctor
Dr. Gyenes Kristófi Tibor, family doctor
Türkösi Aranka, medical assistent
Végh Csilla, medical assistent
Molnár Rozália, volunteer
Székely Ferenc, lawyar
Salánki Lóránt, accountant

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The forms of the practical assistance:
Spiritual: Bible reading, entering the media messages to the isolated old people's home, pastoral conversation. Convert pessimistic life conception, to an optimistic one.
Material: Blood pressure, blood glucose measurement, medication, providing medical care and food, hygiene supplies in their home. Repair living conditions of the elderly people, in 21st century.

3. Diakonia Oradea – Eldery care activities
We deal with the care of the elderly at their homes.  
We can provide the following services:
- shopping
- clean, housekeeping
- accompanying the doctor, walk, accompanied during the visit to the cemetery
-  recipes, paying bills
- help with daily activities (meals, dressing / undressing, traveling inside)
- personal Hygiene: shaving, nail care
- assessment of social situation, development of  intervention plan
- emotional support, mental hygiene
- information about additional services
- advice for social rights.

In the Church district is going furthermore several accredited elderly care activities:
4. Simleul  Silvaniei Diocese:

  • Lecsmér
  • Szilágynagyfalu
  • Szilágyzovány

5. Zalau Diocese:

  • Zilah-Fenyves
  • Egrespatak
  • Szilágyballa
  • Szilágyerked
  • Mocsolya

In addition, not accredited, but active diaconal activities take place:
6. Érmellék Diocese:

  • Jankafalva
  • Székelyhíd, ÉRDA
  • Magyarkéc
  • Érszőlős

7. Bihor Diocese:

  • Élesd
  • Sastel, Telegd
  • Hegyközszáldobágy


II. Retirement Homes
Bihor Diocese:
1. Tinca Retirement Home    


2. “ József Ház”  Retirement Home, Salonta
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3. Satu Mare Diocese, we are planning to found a Day Care Center for Elderly and People with Disabilities.
In our church the elderly people and the persons with disabilities as well, are very shetterd from lonliness. The daily care of people with disabilities is a major psychical stress for family members too.
 We intend to help by  founding a daycare center for  the elderly and for persons with disabilities

  • Children’s home, Social Campus

Érmelléki Diocese:
1. Sámuel Social Campus
Our Campus’ goal:

  • Children attend school every day
  • Participation in afternoon education
  • Organizing creative activities for them
  • Recreation
  • Participation in housework
  • Children are regullary participating in religion classes in the Campus.





Bihor Diocese:
2. Reformed Children’s home, Alesd



  • Care for people with disabilities

1. ÉRDA, Ermelleki Diaconal Foundation

  • Szűcs Irén – Asszonyvására
  • Kovács Etelka – Jankafalva
  • Sass Sándor – Bihardiószeg
  • Katona Zsolt – Margitta
  • Nemes Irma, Törő Attila  – Székelyhíd
  • Bede Zoltán, Mocsár László   – Hegyközszentmiklós
  • Dankó Ilona – Szentjobb
  • Nagy Erika – Érkörtvélyes

The organization's target:

  • Disadvantaged large families
  • People with disabilities and their families
  • The single-parents

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  • Social kitchen

Timisoara Diocese:
1. Timisoara Inner-city Congregation

Arad Diocese:
2. Arad – Inner-city Congregation
3. Arad – Gáji Cogreation

Érmelléki Diocese:
4. Érszőlős
5. Magyarkéc

Simleul Silvaniei Diocese:
6. Sarepta, Szilágyzovány

Satu-Mare Diocese:
7. Satu-Mare  – Charity Home, Szamosnegyed


  • Medical Social Center

Baia Mare Diocese:

  • Daycare centeres for children

Carei Diocese:
1. Dégenfeld Foundation

2. Christian Foundation Diakonia from Cluj in cooperation with the “Királyhágómellék” Reformed Church District has developed a Social and school integration program for disadvantaged children in Oradea, Diosig, Săcueni, Sânicolau de Munte, Sâniob. 


We try to build, in collaboration with children, parents, school, church and community, what gives support and direction in life.
 The instrument for this was accreditation and cooperation treaties (with school inspectorates, child protection, Partium Christian University, county council).
Target groups:

  • Children in I-IV grade
  • Socially disadvantaged children
  • Children with learning disorders


  • reduce school absenteeism
  • creating opportunities for studies
  • integration into the community
  • discover and preserve traditions
  • personal development
  • increasing self-esteem
  • parents, school, church, community collaboration
  • learning hygiene basics
  • learning behaviour rules
  • understanding of  Christian values

Daily routine:
Hygiene, prayer, lunch, prayer, hygiene, break, learning, special programs, closure of the day (evaluating, thanksgiving prayer)
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Occasional activities

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays (Santa Claus, Advent, Christmas, Carnival, Mother's Day, Easter, Children's Day)
  • Getting acquainted with crafts
  • Camp
  • Masked Ball
  • Theatre
  • dance lessons

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  • In the 2012 -2011 school year, 30 of 29 children finished successfully the school year
  • Professional discussions with teachers
  • Decreased significantly the number of absences in the school

Maintainers and Supporters

  • Diakonia Christian Foundation Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District
  • Dorcas Aid International Romania


Bihor Diocese:
3. Social Day-care, Oradea
Our goals: organizing afternoon programs for the socially disadvantaged children. Children are picked up from school,  get lunch,  are being supervised while learning, and play.