Lampas Foundation is a non-governmental organization of social assistance
endowed by the  Western “Királyhágómellék” Reformed Church District.


Our mission is to act in Christian faith  in order to increase the quality of life of individuals as well as communities of social disadvantages, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion, thus carrying out various programs and social services.

The foundation's objectives include the continuation of the Church’s charitable work within various social and educational programs.
We offer information, support and assistance regarding European mobility, labour rights and migration risks and prevent all forms of violence - human trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation, domestic violence.

Also, the Lampas Foundation's responsibility is the representation and advocacy of the other foundations and diaconal initiatives, belonging to the Church District. Together we can mediate and protect our interests more effectively. Jointly we can also subservice to build furthermore our relationships with the European and overseas churches, bearing in mind, our local specificity, to become more involved in the ecumenical Church's diaconal services.


- Mobility and labor rights
- Preventing and combating  human trafficking
- Preventing and combating domestic violence
- “Diakonia” network of project consulting

2013 Lampas Foundation